Sweet On Peggy

Rory MSwet Peggy CoveracPherson lives and loves in the moment. The instant he met Peggy Anderson he knew how love felt, how it filled his heart and thoughts.

Peggy Anderson doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Lust maybe, but not love. She’s been striking out in the man department for years, and so she’s taking a cautious approach where Rory is concerned.

Pulling out all the stops, Rory charms his way into Peggy’s life.

Yet Peggy resists Rory’s advances because suddenly life has a lot of unresolved problems—from her mother’s plan to invade her life, to finding her birthfather.

Needless to say when Rory’s talk of love turns to plans involving his return to Haiti, Peggy realizes that love isn’t all that’s needed for true happiness.

In fact she’s about to step off the love rollercoaster when Rory comes up with another plan. One that he believes will make them both very happy.


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