Book 1
The Doctor Returns
Available Now
What would you do if the man who had abandoned you to face having his baby alone suddenly showed up in your life?
How would you feel if the first encounter with him after all these years was across the hospital stretcher holding  his little girl, a child he clearly loved?
On first glance it would seem that Dr. Neill Brandon is a bit of a cad. And Sherri Lawson has every reason to never speak to him ever again.
But circumstances can often alter us in ways we could never imagine…..
And old friendships can offer a new beginning.

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Book 2

To Protect Her Son
Available Feb 2015



If Gayle Sawyer could have foreseen the day ahead she would never have gotten out of bed. She and Adam, her thirteen-year-old son, had argued the night before and again this morning, leaving her drained and frightened.

When Nate Garrison meets Gayle Sawyer at a meeting about her son, he knows instantly she isn’t his type of woman. She is too serious, too wrought up over her son and way too nice.

But the day they join forces to save Adam from hooking up with the wrong crowd, is the same day they realize how much they need each other. How hopelessly lonely their separate lives have been; how much brighter each day is when they’re together.

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Book 2

Son Sweet on Peggy
Available January 2016
Swet Peggy Cover
Rory MacPherson lives and loves in the moment. The instant he met Peggy Anderson he knew how love felt, how it filled his heart and thoughts.

Peggy Anderson doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Lust maybe, but not love. She’s been striking out in the man department for years, and so she’s taking a cautious approach where Rory is concerned.

Pulling out all the stops, Rory charms his way into Peggy’s life.

Yet Peggy resists Rory’s advances because suddenly life has a lot of unresolved problems—from her mother’s plan to invade her life, to finding her birthfather.

Needless to say when Rory’s talk of love turns to plans involving his return to Haiti, Peggy realizes that love isn’t all that’s needed for true happiness.

In fact she’s about to step off the love rollercoaster when Rory comes up with another plan. One that he believes will make them both very happy.

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