Olivia Banks and James McElroy were childhood sweethearts. But family interference and a heart-crushing separation would test the depth of their love, and determine their future life together.


“Remember that old poem?” she whispered near her husband’s ear.

“‘If you love me as I love you, nothing but death can part us two…’ Oh, please, God,” she sobbed, clinging to his hand as she slid into the bookcover21chair beside his hospital bed.

Years ago she’d uttered those words without knowing the pain of them. Yet in this moment of anguish she faced the raw truth of them—she would promise anything, make any sacrifice, give up everything, if only he’d get better.

Think positively, she murmured to herself. James was going to be fine. He had to be. James had always confronted life without fear. He’d make it.

She needed her life back. She needed to hold James in her arms, to hear his reassuring words. She needed to know that her life would be whole again.

Olivia leaned back in the chair, letting the quietness of the hospital room shield her from the painful reality of these past few hours. James McElroy was her life. And always had been.

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