A Child Changes Everything 

A Child Changes Everything
A Child Changes Everything

Life will never be the same for Lisa Clarke. But that’s not all bad. Becoming a parent overnight brings Mason Stephens back into her life, giving them a second chance at life.


“My sister has a daughter, a little girl named Katie.”

“A little girl. How do you feel about that?” thinking he could predict Lisa’s response all too well. The dream of finding her birth parents had not included a niece.

“I’m an aunt, and it’s….I guess it’s different. I never expected to be an aunt.”

Given that Lisa had babysat only once in her entire life – an upsetting experience as he recalled – he doubted she’d be willing to have much to do with the child. “I assume you plan to meet Katie,” he said.

Lisa looked him straight in the eye, making it impossible for him to miss the hope in her expression. “No, it’s a lot more than that. Katie needs me. I’m bringing her home. I can’t abandon my niece.” The glint of determination in her eyes told him she’d made up her mind.


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