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Stella’s next Superromance TO PROTECT HER SON is available now:



If Gayle Sawyer could have foreseen the day ahead she would never have gotten out of bed. She and Adam, her thirteen-year-old son, had argued the night before and again this morning, leaving her drained and frightened.

When Nate Garrison meets Gayle Sawyer at a meeting about her son, he knows instantly she isn’t his type of woman. She is too serious, too wrought up over her son and way too nice.

But the day they join forces to save Adam from hooking up with the wrong crowd, is the same day they realize how much they need each other. How hopelessly lonely their separate lives have been; how much brighter each day is when they’re together.

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Don’t miss Stella’s first romantic suspense novel, a shocking, one of a kind story of deceit and betrayal played out against the backdrop of a lonely island on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.Desperate Memories


Set adrift by her memories, mired in guilt over her past, Dr. Robyn McGill’s only hope of uncovering the truth is to trust Officer Luke Carlisle, a man whose past where women are concerned is shrouded in treachery.

In the end their belief in each other is the only defense against the desperation that haunts them, the death that surrounds them, and the man whose sole purpose is to kill them.

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